Pressure Washing

Advantage of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing could come in handy in so many cases. There are so many things which can be removed by pressure washing Which includes mildew, grime, dirt and of course molds. This is because pressure washing creates so much force Which is just as powerful, making it easy to dislodge all the ingrained dirt Which is most times truly impossible to reach in certain areas.

 Most people using a garden hose to use in pressure washing by simply putting their thumbs over the end of the hose and by increasing the pressure of the water butt hat doesn’t help as much as you would like to think. Although it seems to work sometimes, it just can not be the same as getting a pressure washer. Let’s say you get a pressure washer to save money and time, if not used properly can create a lot of damage, that Is why you need to use it properly and for this reason, homeowners, as well as firms and businesses, hire professionals to do the pressure washing for them.

As of today, pressure washing has come to be more important than the past due to the rise of more pollutants from many industries and atmosphere as well as combustions from cars and factories thus making all these residues more than before, leaving them asking at different parts of buildings. You should be aware that going on a regular cleaning routine helps in enhancing the general outlook of the building as well as preventing potential damages. Regular pressure washing also saves you the time and money of going through expensive restorations on your building.

Advantages of Pressure Washing

Buildings used for commercial purposes usually tend to look a lot more attractive and we know customers tend to judge a company by the outward appearance. Both their abilities as well as reputation.

Not only will customers be more willing to work with you but they would be very impressed by the general appearance of your building and would be more comfortable and willing to work with you evenWithout their knowledge as most times, it is a psychological thing and People do not realize just how much they have judged a company until transactions are exchanged.

Pressure washing is a good and effective method of knowing if your existing paint will last longer or would most likely wash off. It is also a good way of preparing yourself for a new paint job. In a case where you do pressure washing everything year, then you would most likely prolong the life of your paint by 3years more. Most times, a good paint job is supposed to last a period of 10years. It is considered to be a lot less expensive when you decide to pressure wash than when you decide to repaint.


You should always be cautious of drones, dirt, molds, and mildew as they can damage the exterior of your building severely. They also cause wood to rot and also cause premature fading of walls.

Pressure washing v Power washing; what’s the difference?

Pressure Washing or Power Washing
Pressure Washing or Power Washing, what’s the difference?

A lot of people are often confused when they hear the term power washing and pressure washing used around. While they are aware that they are both used in cleaning, other factors may seem a bit complex or confusing to them. What adds to the confusion is the fact that most times, people tend to use them in place of the other. The question on many people’s mind would be if they are the same or are they different? Fortunately for you, we have the answer right now. Pressure washing and power washing; what’s the difference?

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the act of using water blasts to remove all sorts of dirt in a room or space. Pressure washers usually are being used at home where they are sufficient enough to remove all sorts of dirt. However, the pressure washer does not come with the heated water option.It is best used in areas where there is a lot of dirt and mold. It does are ally spectacular job. However, most of the jobs which pressure washing equipment does is reserved to residential areas.

Power washing

Power washing is often used to remove dirt also. It uses heated water combined with high-pressure water to simply blast even the strongest of dirt into oblivion. They are typically used outdoors as they have vast capabilities of removing stubborn dirt or molds even without a fight. Other things which it can remove may also include chewing gum which has been stuck somewhere on the road. Power washing is mostly aimed at the industrial areas.

The difference

If you look closely enough, you might have already spotted some differences and similarities between the two. The similarities are that they are both used to remove dirt and other unwanted things such as moss and mold. They also use high-pressure water to perform their job most efficiently. This is usually done by blasting the dirt with water which would thus scatter their stronghold. Their differences are however quite obvious. Pressure washing equipment is mostly used indoors and uses only high-pressure water to perform their duties. This is different from the power washer equipment, however, who uses heated water and high-pressure washer to deal with any stubborn dirt and mold. It is also mostly used outdoors as it is way stronger than the pressure washer. Hence, it can be said that one is a household unit which helps in residential areas while the other is more fine-tuned towards industrial use.


Here you have it! Those are the differences between these two amazing units namely the pressure washer and power washer. It is important to note that both of these equipment would perform all the jobs effectively and efficiently. However, it is good that you stick with the pressure washing system when it comes to residential activities and the power washing system when it comes to industrial cleaning. You would find that using either of them for your activities and businesses would prove to be a delight indeed.