Is Asphalt Paving Driveway Cheaper than Concrete?

Concrete Driveway
Homeowners with their concrete driveway.

When homeowners are thinking of getting their driveway paved, they do it basically to have the beauty of their home increased greatly. Once it is done with, the finished look is usually out of this world, and enough to turn heads. What of how it increases the value of the home? Based on the climate that you are living in, asphalt paving driveway maybe the right one for you. The climate a homeowner resides in determines what material will be used in carrying out the job. There are numerous options that one can choose from. It can be the gravel, which is ranked as the lowest, or it could even be brick pavers for those who want to splurge. It could be asphalt paving driveway if you want to remain in the middle of the brick pavers and the gravel. A lot of homeowners are known to opt for asphalt and concrete a lot.

Amongst them all, Asphalt paving driveway is known to be used a lot in those climates that are cold because they are known to be adapted to those changes in temperature easily. When the temperature increases or decreases, it can easily expand or even contract.

On the other hand, if concrete is not treated well, it is known to easily crack when it experiences conditions that are below the freezing point.

It is not easy to have the concrete repaired, and costs quite a lot. This has made it a great choice for home owners that live in areas that have warm climates.

A great reason that those in warmer regions opt for concrete is that the concrete pavement is suitable for the hotter climate than a cooler one. It can stay for as long as thirty years, unlike the asphalt paving driveway that lasts for about twenty years.

Asphalt Paving Driveway
The benefits of using asphalt paving driveway.

When compared to the concrete, the asphalt paving driveway is known to be more affordable than the concrete one. It can be repaired quite easily, though it may need to be resurfaced and resealed after five years. The maintenance system usually is easy to do. The Asphalt paving driveway is far neater than the concrete one, and can easily have stains like oil leaks concealed. Vehicles are known to stain the driveway a lot, and asphalt paving driveway ensures that the stains are hidden.

This means that if you have a concrete drive way, and you fancy your house always being neat, you may have to spend a lot, trying to maintain it. The stains would have to be wiped off regularly, and cracks would have to be filled constantly.

The pricing of the asphalt paving driveway is known to be more affordable than concrete, but its price is said to be determined by some factors. It could be affected by if the material is located locally.

All in all, the driveway you should opt for, whether the concrete driveway or the asphalt driveway shield be dependent on the pricing, where you live, maintenance, taste and lots more.